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About Us

About Us

Why Enviromarine Services

Marine maintenance & construction is all about speed and efficiency to overcome tidal constraints and deliver projects large or small in the most cost effective way possible, we do this very well.

Enviromarine is an extremely innovative and progressive company which continually seeks out new methods and practices in order to achieve high standards of performance and productivity. Our fleet capabilities and construction abilities have placed us at the cutting edge of the South East Queensland waterways maintenance & construction market.

Canal Maintenance & Construction Capabilities

Our fleet has been especially set up for cost effective maintenance works, our crews have worked for the Gold Coast City Council for 3 years performing rock protection projects, beach cleaning, pontoon dig outs and numerous other maintenance tasks. Our construction crews are adept at retaining wall, boat ramp repairs and concrete repairs. We often rectify old structures at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Construction Licencing

QBCC Contractors Licenses Number 735498

Licence Classes

  • Concreting
  • Foundation Work (Piling and Anchors)
  • Structural Landscaping
  • Swimming Pool Construction Installation and Maintenance

Design Engineering and Approvals

Enviromarine specialises in liaising with engineers, certifiers, councils and state government bodies to obtain all necessary approvals and certificates. We can prepare design drawings and lodge applications to make your project a reality.

Cost effectiveness and versatility

Our barges and equipment are extremely capable, versatile and cost effective and are used daily by the Gold Coast City Council to maintain the Gold Coast Waterways. Our vessels levels of production and cost effectiveness are second to none across a large variety of applications. We are continually challenging the status quo by reinvesting heavily in people, equipment and our capbailities to make projects feasible for our clients.

In house operations

Enviromarine owns and operates its own trucks, machinery and specialised construction equipment which vastly improves efficiency and quality control especially in the marine environment were tidal windows are critical. Our team is highly experienced and comprises of full time skippers, plant operators and trades.

Tilt tray towing and ocean going mobility

Enviromarines barges and workboats are cost effectively road transportable which has proven to be extremely cost effective for the Gold Coast City Council and private clients.

Tilt tray towing negates the horrendous expense of slewing cranes, road closures and police escorts.

Our large 60 tonne barge Enviro 2 has an ocean going rating and regularly transits the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Tweed River Systems. Councils and construction firms have rapidly appreciated the mobility capabilities of our vessels.

Innovative Equipment & Enhanced Construction Capabilities

Our barges and workboats are supported by a large variety of innovative ancillary equipment which adds to their capabilities.

Pile Driving and Augering Masts for installation of concrete and steel piles, pontoons and jetties. Rock drilling capacity.

Rock Drill for rock face stabilisation projects.

Concrete Line Pumps with the ability to pump concrete and full Shotcrete Capability with our shotcrete crew. Chemical dosing application equipment on pump with ability to apply retarder and accelerant allows us to apply concrete with rapid setting, whilst mix can remain in agitator for hours without going off. Essential in the marine tidal environment.

Concrete Grout Pumps with the ability to carry out shotcreting / rendering of shotcrete finish, retaining / revetment wall anchor injecting and general rendering.

Stationery Concrete Agitator for temporary holding of concrete to avoid cost of agitator trucks on board. Concrete can be held in suspension with our retarders for up to 8 hours and then pumped with chemical accelerant added at nozzle to obtain rapid setting. Ideal for long slow pours such as revetment walls, stormwater outlets or erosion control.

Hydraulic Pile Shears for removal of steel, concrete and timber piles up to 600 mm diameter above and below water. This unit was designed and built by Enviromarine services and is the only unit available in Australia. Alleviates the requirement for diving teams whilst removing the high risk element of underwater operations. Works are monitored by Underwater Video Cameras in real time.

Finn Bark Blowing Machine for blowing of bark and loam materials into difficult access areas. Material is normally tipped on deck and loaded into blower on arrival at work site.

Supply and Application of Various Polyurethane Resins to fill voids in revetment walls, permeation grouting of loose soils on riverbanks, lifting and levelling of cracked or misaligned boat ramps.

Hold Fast Anchor Systems to reconstruct failed & failing concrete marine walls using barges & 1.6 Tonne Excavator

Void Scanning Equipment to locate voids behind walls without disrupting existing surface.

Concrete Scanning Equipment to locate rebar and concrete cancer within marine walls.

Sand Blasting and environmentally friendly Soda Blasting of marine structures. Various marine coatings applied after blasting.

Company owned Excavators, Bobcats / Positracks & Trucks to carry out works.