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Enviro 2

Enviro 2

Enviro 2 is the primary vessel for the Gold Coast City Councils Barge Services Contract and has operated successfully in the Brisbane River System over the last two years. No other construction barge in South East Queensland can match her capabilities and cost effectiveness.


  • NSCV Class 2C / 2D / 2E
  • Tonnage 36 tonnes
  • Max displacement 114 tonnes
  • Max DWT 60 tonnes
  • Self-propelled
  • Twin screw, steerable hydraulic drive
  • Propulsion power 298 kW
  • Engine Cummins 400 BIGCAM (on deck)
  • Max speed 8 knots
  • Fuel type diesel
  • Fuel capacity 2,500 litres
  • Water tank 2,500 litres
  • Moon pool
  • Crane mount
  • Spud legs
  • Slewing crane platform
  • Hydraulic rock grab, hammers, rock augers, vibrating plates, pallet forks


Enviro 2 was especially constructed by Enviromarine in 2014 to carry out diverse marine construction and transportation works whilst maintaining the ability to navigate and work in very tight areas. Previously the powered barges available in South East Qld with this capability had a carrying capacity of approximately 15 to 25 tons, Enviro 2 due to its unique hydraulic propulsion system and hydraulically raising and lowering helm station has maintained the ability to operate in confined & shallow areas whilst increasing production dramatically due to its 60 ton capacity.

Due to its 2C survey rating it regularly transits to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Tweed River System. Councils and construction firms have rapidly appreciated the capacities of this barge. The hydraulic ramp system enables trucks, semi tippers and concrete agitators to drive directly on board. The deck has been specially reinforced for tipping of bulk construction materials.

Enviro 2 is very effective at delivering large loads into tight situations and can carry 5 x 12 tonne body loads of rock and is capable of constructing up to 18 loads or 216 tonnes a day of revetment rock under favourable circumstances (Achieved at Anchorage Islands Tweed for Lund / Lend Lease Project).  

60 T load capacity has allowed Gold Coast City Council to economically perform

  • Large revetment rock projects
  • Large dredging projects
  • Stradbroke Island construction projects  
  • Large stormwater pipe repairs
  • Large salvage jobs
  • Emergency jobs
  • Heavy Transport & Logistics Machinery & Materials
  • Mechanical Dredging
  • Piling on land with excavator or from the barge with 8.5 & 12.5m aluminium piling masts

Numerous smaller revetment rock, pontoon dig outs / beach cleaning jobs and general canal maintenance.

Enviro 2 has also allowed the Gold Coast City Council to mechanically dredge systems and either reuse or treat the dredged material (such outcomes were not achievable with suction dredges or previous barges)

Additional Operational Capabilities

Pile Driving and Augering Mast for installation of concrete and steel piles, pontoons and jetties. Rock drilling capacity.

Stationery Concrete Agitator for temporary holding of concrete to avoid cost of agitator trucks on board. Concrete can be held in suspension with our retarders for up to 8 hours and then pumped with chemical accelerant added at nozzle to obtain rapid setting. Ideal for long slow pours such as revetment walls, stormwater outlets or erosion control.

Hydraulic Pile Shears for removal of steel, concrete and timber piles up to 600 mm diameter above and below water. This unit was designed and built by Enviromarine services and is the only unit available in Australia. Alleviates the requirement for diving teams whilst removing the high risk element of underwater operations. Works are monitored by underwater video cameras in real time.

Diesel Electric Bark Blowing Machine for blowing of bark and loam materials into difficult access areas. Material is normally tipped on deck and loaded into blower on arrival at work site.

Supply and Application of Various Polyurethane Resins to fill voids in revetment walls, permeation grouting of loose soils on riverbanks, lifting and levelling of cracked or misaligned boat ramps.

Envirostruct Anchoring Systems & Void Scanning Equipment to reconstruct failed & failing concrete river walls using barges, machinery, anchoring & void scanning equipment.

Sand Blasting and environmentally friendly Soda Blasting of marine structures. Various marine coatings applied after blasting.

Company owned Excavators (1.6 – 30 tonne ), 3 T Bobcats  / 3T Positracks / Stand Behind Vermeer Tracked Loader & Trucks (5 T Body Tipper, 12T Body Tipper, 12T Dog Trailer Tipper, 24 Tonne Semi-Trailer Tipper, Low Loader, to carry out works)