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Pontoon Dredging Gold Coast

Pontoon Dredging

Enviro Marine barges are ideal for quick dredging jobs in and around pontoons, canals, rivers and islands. Our barges can mobilise quickly for emergency restoration works in the event of storms, heavy rains or flood events and provide a broad range of marine construction services economically for private or commercial applications.

Enviro I is small enough to reach the tightest spaces inside pontoons.

Enviro II can arrive quickly at a location and drop her spud legs to hold herself in position and mechanically dredge 60 tonne of material in one go. Enviro II can then lift up her stabilising legs and relocate the 60 tonne of material quickly and economically to another location to replenish a beachfront with her on-board excavator, or meet waiting trucks to transport the material elsewhere.

Enviro Marine barges, excavators, skid steers and maintenance dredges are setup for:

  • Removing a range of material sand, rock and marine mud
  • Deepening mooring space around pontoons, jetties and boat moorings
  • Restoring and profiling waterfronts
  • Maintenance dredging of islands, rivers, canals, channels, lakes and dams

Enviro Marine is EPA licenced and provides dredging and canal maintenance services to the Gold Coast City Council.