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Revetment Walls

Revetment Wall Construction

Enviromarine has constructed hundreds of revetment walls over the last 20 years and our business has been built on the back of sound construction engineering, quality workmanship and fairness to our clients. If we can save a revetment wall we will, rather than reconstruct which can be very expensive. Our barges and equipment are the most capable and economical in South East Queensland and are especially dedicated to this kind of work saving you time and money.

Our company has an impeccable structural record and is the preferred choice for many structural engineers when repair work is required. References are available from structural engineers as requested.

Block Walls

Block retaining walls allow greater flexibility for design, texture and colour as the wall can be stacker stone cladded, rendered, bagged or painted after it is erected or left as plain brick. Core filled concrete block retaining walls with a cantilevered concrete footing are a popular waterfront retaining wall option depending on engineering requirements. Revetment rock protection is a common method of protecting the toe of the wall from scour damage.

Stone Pitching & Cladding

We can finish your wall with aesthetic stone pitching and cladding options from an array of materials depending on your personal preference, cladding is a popular option for improving the aesthetic appeal of concrete or block waterfront retaining walls. Stone pitching can be applied to retaining walls, stairs, terraced gardens and seating areas all around your waterfront area.

Magnumstone Walls

Magnumstone walls are engineered for strength, designed for beauty. Magnumstone is a large block, hollow core wet – cast segmental retaining wall system that uses nearly half the amount of concrete per face metre when compared to traditional solid systems.

Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are a common type of waterfront wall and there are various forms depending on engineering requirements and natural footing suitability. Mass poured concrete waterfront walls are constructed as one continual solid structure with a cantilevered footing. Concrete panel waterfront walls have a different footing system using bored and concreted in piers / posts from which the panels can slide into or be fixed dependent on the type of posts, galvanized steel UB beams or concrete posts. A mass poured concrete wall or a concrete panel wall will perform the same the function, it’s the depth of solid ground that will usually determine which system is used. At Enviromarine we can provide either system as we mass produce concrete panels and regularly construct mass poured concrete walls. Concrete walls can be left plain, painted or cladded in stacker stone depending on what sort of finish our client’s desire.

Shotcrete Walls

Envirostruct can provide a complete rock face or embankment stabilisation package, including installation of rock bolts, reinforcing mesh, subsoil drains and shotcreting (sprayed concrete). We can provide solutions for just about any size marine project, from a residential basement to commercial projects.

Shotcrete can be finished with a variety of textures including simple gun finishes, coloured oxides, architectural (wood float) finishes. For environmentally or aesthetically sensitive projects, artificial rock finishes can be applied to camouflage the work with the natural surroundings. Shotcreting can be performed from our barges if waterfront jobs prove inaccessible from the land.

Gabion Walls & Rock Mattress Structures

Gabion walls and rock mattresses are baskets or cages manufactured from heavily galvanized wire and also with the addition of a PVC sleeve coating on the core wire filled with mattress rock.

Applications include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Weirs and drop structures
  • Culvert protection
  • Bridge abutment protection
  • Channel lining
  • Chutes and spillways
  • River crossings
  • Landscaping
  • Rockfall protection netting (mesh)
  • Erosion control and stabilisation

Gabion walls and rock mattress structures are porous to prevent build-up of hydrostatic pressure and are able to withstand differential settlement. Gabions are a popular option for streams, creeks and rivers.