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Fixed Price Pools

Fixed Price Pools

Enviromarine specialises in the design and construction of pools and landscapes for a Fixed Price.

All of our work can be conducted in house, from designers, engineers, machinery operators, concreters, project managers and landscapers ensuring a quality build process or we can coordinate with your chosen construction professionals.

Our fleet of barges and machinery can construct your pool from the waterfront if required.

We specialise in a variety of pool types and believe in the inimitability of each project. From plunge pools to lap pools, concrete spas, hot tubs, free form, poolscapes, infinity edge we are able to create a pool that harmonises flawlessly with its surrounds.

Every member of our team is handpicked not only for their experience but their drive and passion towards the work that they perform. Our design and construction team are involved from the beginning right through to completion to ensure nothing is lost in translation. We believe in making your project an enjoyable experience with instant impact and lasting results.

Design Process

Enviromarine provide an all-encompassing pool and landscape design service. The following outlines the process we undergo to transform your outdoor space into an inspirational outdoor retreat.

Initial Consultation

Following your first point of contact the Initial Consultation takes place. At this stage the details of your pool and landscape are discussed.

Examples of pool and landscape themes will be provided to determine your taste and what style you would like to achieve. Colours, themes, budget, size, plant styles can also be reviewed.

Included in this stage is a site visit to look at the spatial composition, familiarisation with the surrounds, streetscapes and architecture. This will assist in achieving a balanced outdoor retreat, adapting seamlessly to the surrounding environment with a natural transition from the interior of your home to the exterior.

Most importantly we attain from you what you would like to achieve! We consider all facets of the project before proceeding to the Concept Stage.

 Draft and Concept Stage

Following the Initial Consultation we proceed to the Draft & Concept Stage. In this stage we consider all aspects of the project, amalgamating your requirements and wishes with the flare and innovation of our design and construct team. Negotiating all the challenges of the site, budget, style and theme we will present to you a conceptual design.

The concept plan will detail the location of the pool, shape, size and colour options.

Following completion of the concept plans they are presented to you and described in detail. Any changes that need to be made are discussed and outlined. This is the final approval stage for the concept plan.

Final Plan

Following the presentation of the concept plan the final plans will be drawn up including changes. The final plans include the final working drawings, specifications including tile and colour choices and pool elevations. The final plans provide all information required for the construction of your project. The final drawings will be presented to you for confirmation, before proceeding to construction.

Build Process

Outlined below is the build process Enviromarine implements for the construction of your pool.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Site meeting
  • Excavation
  • Steel & Plumbing
  • Concreting
  • External Plumbing
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Finishing Touches
  • Handover & Swim