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Weep Hole Maintenance Gold Coast

Weep Hole Maintenance

Enviro Marine originated as an earthworks and retaining wall company over 20 years ago and still remains heavily focused on land and marine retaining walls. Retaining walls are an extremely important component of any site that are often overlooked until real problems start to arise such as subsidence, land slips or buildings / structures are threatened with collapse. The good news however is that such problems can be avoided early through preventive maintenance or repairs which can isolate a structural issue or part failure before the whole wall is lost.

Blocked Weep Holes are a common problem which can be addressed through the use of filters and regular maintenance checks to avoid moisture build up which can add considerable weight / load being placed on a retaining wall causing it to crack, lean over or fail.

When a retaining wall is showing initial signs of failure it does not mean that all is lost, often a wall can be saved if we can get to it early enough. Enviro Marine has constructed thousands of retaining walls over the years and our business has been built on the back of sound construction engineering, quality workmanship and fairness to our clients. If we can save a retaining wall we will, rather than reconstruct which can be very expensive. Our barges and equipment are the most capable and economical in South East Queensland and are especially dedicated to this kind of work saving you time and money, our management and staff have spent decades specialising in retaining walls under difficult access circumstances and know the space backwards, what will work and what wont.

Boat Ramps are also easily repaired or reconstructed from our barges or from the land. Some clients have chosen to extend their walls and fill their boat ramps in to gain more backyard space, this also is easily achieved by barge or from the land.

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